Are you already aware of how profitable your supply chain is?

Are same-day or same-hour deliveries already your USP?

Do you believe that companies with sluggish logistics will play a part in the near future?

Have you already found experts with true operative Know-How?

Do you already see your logistics as a revenue driver?

Do you enjoy collaborating with consultants?

Trust in true operational experience

We see ourselves as authentic and friendly experts who combine the classic advising tool with true operational know-how. Our passion for strategy, digitalization, logistics and processes and our profound experience with consultants in the past lead us to do things differently. Based on a thorough analysis, we provide authentic and operational advice in collaboration with you and develop creative, forward-looking solutions. We focus on providing benefits to your customers with a realistic portion of added-value - not on showing notional potentials.

We are the good guys.

Value proposition

We offer you extraordinary expertise with true, operational experience.

We delight customers with tangible added value.

We make your costs transparent and reduce them intelligently.

We work in a friendly, authentic manner and with the foundation.

We create ideas and implemented solutions.


Our expertise reflects only what we have already implemented ourselves.

Strategy, innovation & operational due diligence

Whether you're a first mover or fast follower, we will guide you from the birth of an idea to prototypes. In doing so, we make use of both best-practice strategy processes from our own experience, benchmarks and forward-looking solutions from the digital world. Would you like to sell your company or parts or invest in a partner of strategic interest? We produce market analyses and competitive analyses, scrutinize the operative business and evaluate it in a systematic fashion.

Product modules (examples): benchmarking, strategy and innovation workshops, logistics road maps, operational due diligence.

Logistics & supply chain performance

Nothing is more important than a profound analysis based on qualitative and quantitative factors.

From calculating customer and supply chain success to setting up a performance indicator dashboard as part of visualization in your ERP system, we create transparency and an essential foundation. You should know and see what you're doing, daily!

Product modules (examples): Logistics balanced score card, supply chain calculation, customer value analysis, KPI dashboards, data warehouse management..

Tender management

We are tendering experts for shippers and service providers and ensure that you customers’ requirements (e.g. same-day, same-hour delivery, track & trace) are fulfilled at competitive prices.

We make use of a strategy-guided, standardized tendering process that considers digital options such as online tender platforms. Regular tenders in the transport and warehousing sector are daily business for us!

Product modules (examples): Tender concepts, negotiation, implementation.

Network- and process optimization

We optimize your transport and warehouse structure and test them by simulating your supply chain network (network planning optimization) from both a customer and cost perspective. We streamline your cash conversion cycle with inventory-reducing approaches. We invest the released capital into digitalizing the supply chain and process optimization. We will show you how you can become and remain efficient and competitive!

Product modules (example): Network optimization, site optimization, route optimization, fleet optimization, warehouse planning and optimization, freight structure analyzes

Digitization & E-Fulfilment

Digitalization is not just a nice buzzword for us; it’s the basis for cost potential, robustness and competitiveness. Our passion is digitalizing processes and supporting them with optimal and fast e-business logistics. We like to work with adaptive, quick (isolated) solutions such as smartphone apps that seamlessly integrate themselves into an overall concept. Good digital solutions do not need to be complicated and take time!

Product modules (examples): Digital maturity analysis, e-logistics setup, Agile Project Management

Green Logistics

We are by conviction sustainable thinking and acting people. It is each individual's responsibility to protect our environment and start re-thinking. Together with you, we design sustainable, green and climate-neutral logistics concepts and implement them. It's time to authentically improve your image.

Training modules: Sustainability concepts in logistics (DGNV-compliant), climate-neutral logistics (warehousing & transport), implementation


Excerpts from our world of solutions:

  • Digitization mature analysis of the (logistic) order processing process including implementation at a service provider
  • Implementation of a central distribution center at a wholesale company
  • Due Dilligence and Post Merger of all logistics functions during the migration of two department store companies
  • Development of the omnichannel strategy for a footwear and fashion retailer operating in Europe
  • Restructuring the logistics of a Central European furniture retailer
  • Customer and cost-based optimization of the logistics network (number, frequency and position of locations) in the media and wholesale sector
  • Building a Supply Chain Performance Dashboard at a leading player in the FMCG environment
  • Development & implementation of e-commerce logistics (fulfillment) for food products at a wholesale company
  • Profound supply chain analysis, benchmarking strategy and network planning of a market leader in the field of renewable energies

It's not just talk - come and find out about our authentic and friendly expertise yourself. We would also be more than happy to provide you with personal contacts for our references.


Dr. Michael Krings

Managing Partner

After completing my studies of industrial engineering (mechanical engineering) at TU Darmstadt in 1990, I was a research associate of Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. H.-Chr. Pfohl and did a doctorate in core-competence based strategic planning for wholesale companies. After having carried out numerous logistics projects at the university, I worked for another 5 years as a project manager in the consumer goods / retail sector at a leading international strategy consultancy. My desire to work in an implementation-oriented manner led me to an European beauty and lifestyle retailer, for whom I worked for 16 years as a Managing Director, being responsible for all Supply Chain Management tasks. In 2017, I decided to bring my specialist and management knowledge back to the other side of the table with a new consulting model, with a strong commitment to implementation and design. As a member of several advisory councils in the trade and committees of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik BVL, the GS1 Germany and the European Trade Institute EHI, I try to anticipate the latest trends and developments and transfer them into operational practice.

Dr. Philipp Wahl „Dr. Phil“

Managing Partner

After studying industrial engineering with a focus on logistics & supply chain management at the TU Berlin & UC Berkeley, USA, I gained my practical experience at a truck supplier in the USA in the logistics sector before I returned to Germany in 2003, working for a management consultancy in Munich. In the nearly 7 years that followed, I worked my way through several projects in logistics/supply chain management, reorganization, process optimization, strategy and Innovation Management and finished my doctorate at the Technical University of Munich in strategic logistics/supply chain management in 2007. In 2009, I started with a Munich-based group corporation, responsible for corporate business development, strategy and corporate logistics. As part of an international strategy project, I took the opportunity to move to a subsidiary in New Zealand to work as a Chief Operating Officer for over 3 years.

The urge for independence, the passion for digitalization and the fun in creating something new and passing on our know-how led us to launch Logsters Mangement Consulting in 2016.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Prenzler


Trained in planning and logistics at Justus Liebig University in Gießen, I have been implementing state-of-the-art controlling concepts at logistics service providers since 1996. Later on, I earned my PhD at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management under Prof. Jürgen Weber with a longitudinal analysis of controller tasks. Since 2004, I have held a leadership position at a contract logistics service provider, most recently as a Director for Logistics Engineering. As Director of Corporate Logistics for a wholesale conglomerate in Munich, since 2001, I have been responsible for strategic logistics planning, purchasing logistics services and supply chain optimization.

At present, I am Professor of Industrial Management at the University of Neu-Ulm and founding partner of Logsters Management Consulting.


We make Big Data
& AI in Logistics happen

Most companies spend a lot of time and effort on extensive analyzes and concept papers - at the end of the process there is often bitter disillusionment about the result.

How much money has been burnt in such rigid project management methods?

With agile project development & a young, fresh project team, we do not make these mistakes and, together with you and your team, create short-term prototypes in touch with Sprints and test them on the way to an application-friendly solution. We design and build digital products & services in logistics and ensure that they run successfully on the basis of use cases. We combine data from a wide range of applications in a logistics platform (big data) and thus lay the foundation for further developments for logistic self-learning systems (artificial intelligence) and for communication networks of logistic application systems (IoT).


The possibilities of the community create new perspectives and thus new customers and new orders. Our friendly network is important to us and our key success factor. Especially in the context of digitization, we work together with IT service providers who are qualitatively and culturally appropriate to us, our customers and our network. We want to build bridges, not walls.

The Logsters are part of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL), the leading industry association for logistics in Germany. As part of the long-standing partnership, Michael was awarded the honorary badge of the BVL.

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